Personalization Considerations

Database files may be submitted as Excel (Mac or PC) or as a tab delimited text (ASCII) file and a printout
of the database file furnished. For a larger database, over 500 records, please furnish at the minimum a
print out of the column/field header names and 10 records. One database file should be furnished unless
otherwise specified, multiple database files can incur additional charges.

Database fields are limited to one type of information per field and only one line of copy per field (for
example, the address should not be stacked; street address with a hard return followed by the city, state
zip). The person’s name should be in the name field, address in address field, secondary address (suite
number, building name) in secondary address field, city in the city field, state in the state field, zip in zip
field, etc. You should not substitute fields, for example, do not put the company name in the address field,
the company name should have it’s own field.

If you require a prefix, such as Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss, that must be supplied as a field or included in the name
field. If the first name only will be appearing as a separate item (i.e. Dear John,) there must be a separate
field for first name and a separate field for the last name.

When variable pictures are to be used a code field needs to be in the database. For instance, everyone
with the number 1 in the code field gets a girl clown picture, everyone with the number 2 gets a boy clown
picture. Be aware that existing fields can also be used as a code field. For instance, you are only targeting
people in IL and NY (therefore the only states in the state field are IL and NY and no other state is listed in
your database) and you want everyone in IL to get a Chicago skyline and everyone in NY to get a New
York City skyline, the state field would act as your code field.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns. Please call for our help in preparing your database
Digital Printing can do things
that conventional litho cannot,
personalization is one example.
Additionally, digital printing is
well suited for very short run
color work. The quality from our
HP Indigo is outstanding and
turnaround time astounding.

About Cost...
If your need requires a press
run over 1000 sheets of 12 x 18
inch size, conventional litho
may be more economical.

Here’s why...
The preparation for digital
printing is minimal, but the cost
of consumables is
considerable. Conversely, the
preparation costs for
conventional printing are
considerable, but the cost of
consumables is minimal.

NSP always prepares
quotations based upon best
value assessments.
You can be assured that you
will be hearing from us to
discuss how we might best fulfill
you needs, while saving you,
your client, or your company